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We value your peace of mind, and our mission is to empower you with knowledge so that you can choose the perfect security solution for your needs. Let us guide you through the world of security systems with trusted editor reviews and find the ideal protection for your home today!

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Vivint logo5/55/54/54/5
Ring logo3/53/55/54/5
Simplisafe logo3/54/55/53/5

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ADT Review Overview

ADT security offers comprehensive home security. Their products include wireless home security equipment, indoor and outdoor cameras, life safety features, and smart home automation available in three home security system options.

Our favorite ADT features include:

  • Door and window alarms that alert you and ADT of an attempted break-in
  • A security key fob to make arming and disarming your home easy with the click of a button
  • Motion sensors with trigger lights and cameras to ensure complete protection.


But what really makes ADT stand out among other home security systems is that experienced security professionals monitor your home 24/7. That means you receive the best protection, even while you’re sleeping or away on vacation.

Frontpoint Review Overview

Frontpoint’s product offering includes security cameras, intrusion sensors, hazard sensors, and home automation equipment and accessories. Frontpoint offers three pre-built packages or a “Build Your Own” option. 

Our favorite Frontpoint features include:

  • 24/7 professsional monitoring – without contracts!
  •  Frontpoint ID Protect – complimentary online identity and financial monitoring
  • System voice activation
  • Top-rated customer support
  • Free doorbell with every package
  • Video technology that adapts to your schedule


One of the best parts is that you can try a Frontpoint security system for 30-days risk-free to ensure the products and services are right for you. Keep going to read Frontpoint reviews and determine if this security system is the right choice for you.

Vivint Review Overview

Vivint offers three basic home security packages that you can customize with additional products and services, including sensors, safety alarms, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and smart home automation.

Our favorite Vivint features include:

Vivint Smart Hub

The Vivint Smart Hub makes it easy to manage all your devices from one central location.

Vivint Security Sensors

Vivint Security Sensors detect suspicious activity and alert you to it immediately.

24/7 professional monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring ensures your home is protected, even when you aren’t there.

Professional installation

Vivint security system costs include equipment and professional installation for every system. A Vivint security expert will set up your system and show you how to use it.

What makes Vivint security stand out is the additional products offered outside of home security, such as Vivint Car Guard and Vivint Smart Thermostat, making Vivint a top choice for families looking for smart home automation.

Ring Review Overview

Ring home security products include video doorbells, security cameras, and basic security systems. Ring also offers smart home features such as smart lighting, and you can opt to purchase a protection plan.

Our favorite Ring features include:

  • Optional monitoring packages (without contracts)
  • Individually priced products so you can pick and choose the products you need
  • Neighbors by Ring – app that alerts you when security threats are identified in your neighborhood


But the thing that makes Ring stand out against their DIY competition is its flexibility. If you only want a doorbell camera to monitor your porch and integrate with your Echo products, you can just buy one doorbell camera. If you want a professionally installed system with monitoring and security footage storage, that’s available to you as well. You can also buy a few basic starter products and continue to add on as your home security needs change.

SimpliSafe Review Overview

SimpliSafe products include burglary sensors, hazard sensors, and an indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera.

Our favorite SimpliSafe features include:

  • Wireless system solutions with battery backup in case of a power outage or natural disaster
  • 24/7 professional monitoring centers ready to alert medical and law enforcement personnel
  • Fully customizable packages so you only pay for the equipment, smart features, and monitoring solutions you need


But what really sets SimpliSafe apart is that they do not require a contract to purchase equipment or professional monitoring.

Theft Protection Guarantee:

Customer may receive reimbursement of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of Customer’s homeowner’s insurance deductible (if any) if, and only if, ALL requirements for Theft Protection Guarantee are met to ADT’s reasonable satisfaction. Customer must request reimbursement within 60 days of property loss. Request must be mailed to ADT and include: Theft Protection Guarantee certificate signed by Customer, a letter from Customer requesting reimbursement, a copy of the police report, and a copy of the accepted insurance claim. ADT reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with all of the requirements.


ADT Money-Back Guarantee:

Money-back guarantee only applies after ADT has made attempts to resolve a system-related issue and has not been able to resolve that issue within the first six (6) months of your contract. Equipment must be fully removed before a refund will be processed. Conditions preventing normal system operation cannot be caused by the customer.