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Vivint Security Systems

With security systems designed to deter real threats, Vivint security offers customizable security packages for a variety of needs. Key features of a Vivint security system include:

Key features:

Full system integration for easy monitoring and control via the Vivint security app

Security Cameras featuring Smart Deter technology to proactively prevent crime

Award-winning 24/7 monitoring team and active emergency response

Smart safety alarms that detect leaks, smoke, and CO to prevent danger or damages

Smart home automation to increase convenience, security, and efficiency

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Vivint security system bundle

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Pricing & packages overview

Vivint home security offers various security packages and products that make it easy to protect your home and stay connected to it, whether you’re home or away. From powerful security cameras and smart home automation to smart sensors and safety alarms, you can customize your system for your unique home.

StarterPremiumPremium Plus
24/7 Profession Monitoring
Hardware Warranty & Onsite Support
App Control
Vivint Smart Hub111
Vivint Yard Sign & Widow Decals111
Vivint doorbell camera pro12
Vivint outdoor camera pro11
Vivint indoor camera1
Vivint Door & Window Sensors333
Vivint Motion Sensor111
Vivint Water Sensor111
Kwikset Smart Lock11
myQ Smart Garage Hub1
Starting Price (Equipment + Service)$1,799.99 + $29.99/mo$2,629.96 + $31.47/mo$3,379.93 + $41.47/mo
60 Month Financing Available (Equipment + Service)$51.47/mo$75.31/mo$97.81/mo
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*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please verify pricing with your provider prior to purchase.

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The cost of a Vivint home security system is determined by the package you choose, the equipment and services you add, and the monthly monitoring plan you select. While Vivint provides three primary home security packages, you can customize your security system to include additional products and smart home automation features for comprehensive protection. Below are the three packages and what you can expect to pay for each.

*Certain conditions apply. For full details, visit

Vivint vs. other systems

Vivint security offers a wide range of products and packages which provide varying levels of coverage for your home. However, it’s important to understand how Vivint stacks up against other home security systems. There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing Vivint with other systems:

First, consider your home security goal. If you are looking for one or two security products and not an entire system, Vivint security likely isn’t right for you since they only offer complete security packages.

However, if you need smart features, Vivint offers multiple Smart Home Systems to expand your security system beyond cameras and sensors. If you’re looking for a security system that not only records attempted break-ins but can also adjust your thermostat when you’re not home, Vivint can customize a package like this for you.

While comparing the price of a Vivint security system with other systems, consider the professional installation process and price, as well as monthly payment plans and customer service guarantees.

Other professional installation companies

Vivint security packages are designed to provide solutions to your home needs. However, even with highly customizable options, you may find Vivint doesn’t offer exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s okay. Other security brands feature customizable products and services as well. You can compare Vivint to other home security options to determine whether or not Vivint security packages and prices are right for you. Be sure to read our ADT vs. Vivint and Vivint vs. Ring guides and discover more options for home security below!

Starting priceMonitoring priceInstallation typeDetails
Vivint logo$500+$29.99+/moProfessionalView packages
ADT logoVaries$45.99+/moProfessionalView packages


Editor’s rating

5 stars


Editor’s rating

5 stars


Editor’s rating

4 stars


Editor’s rating

4 stars

Vivint home security system overview

Vivint offers three basic home security packages that you can customize with additional products and services, including sensors, safety alarms, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and smart home automation.

Our favorite Vivint features include:

Vivint Smart Hub

The Vivint Smart Hub makes it easy to manage all your devices from one central location.

Vivint Security Sensors

Vivint Security Sensors detect suspicious activity and alert you to it immediately.

24/7 professional monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring ensures your home is protected, even when you aren’t there.

Professional installation

Vivint security system costs include equipment and professional installation for every system. A Vivint security expert will set up your system and show you how to use it.

and more…

What makes Vivint security stand out is the additional products offered outside of home security, such as Vivint Car Guard and Vivint Smart Thermostat, making Vivint a top choice for families looking for smart home automation.

Best suited for those looking for highly customizable home security and automation

Vivint home security is best suited for families and individuals who want a highly customizable security system with professional installation and a monthly monitoring plan. Many Vivint reviews from customers highlight the knowledgeable, friendly staff that made installing and learning the system easy and enjoyable. We recommend Vivint if you are looking for a customizable system with a wide variety of products and features, but don’t have the time or desire for DIY solutions.

Vivint also offers a number of smart home features that are all controlled through the Vivint app. This allows you to turn on lights, change the temperature, unlock or lock your doors, and more from wherever you are – whether that’s the next room or hundreds of miles away.

If you’re looking for security solutions that extend beyond your house and offer top protection, Vivint has options for you. These offerings contribute to positive Vivint reviews and are why we recommend Vivint security systems to those looking for customizable home security and automation.

Not recommended for those looking for short-term, DIY security products

Vivint provides complete home security systems with professional installation and monthly monitoring. While they offer many different types of security products and services, at a minimum you must purchase a basic package, which is not a DIY option. While some people may prefer professional assistance, we understand your needs may differ.

Vivint does not sell individual products, like a single security camera or safety alarm, unless you purchase an entire package that includes professional installation and monthly monitoring. Because of this, we do not recommend Vivint home security if you’re only interested in purchasing individual security equipment and installing it yourself.

To avoid a contract, you can choose to pay for your security system equipment in full, which includes installation. Vivint does offer financing through monthly payment plans tied to contracts, typically ranging from 42-60 months. If you opt to cancel your contract before it is up, in most cases, you are required to pay for the remaining equipment balance, as well as a cancellation fee. Because of this, if you’re living in a temporary location or are looking for a short-term security solution, Vivint’s contracts won’t suit your needs. Additionally, if you move, you will have to pay fees for professional installation (required) at your new location.  Due to these two factors, we don’t recommend Vivint for renters or those who do not intend to be in the same home for more than 42 months. 

Read Vivint security reviews to learn more about the experiences of past and current customers to decide if Vivint offers the best system for you.

Vivint package options

Vivint home security systems highlight three popular packages as a starting point: the Starter Package, the Premium Package, and the Premium Plus Package. Each of these system bundles includes:

• 24/7 monitoring and support
• Lurker detection
• A touchscreen control panel
• Smart security sensors
• Access to the Vivint app

However, for a more comprehensive package with additional features, you can choose their Premium or Premium Plus options or customize your system altogether. When looking at Vivint security system costs, the Premium and Premium plus package options include additional security and smart home automation features, and customers always have the option to customize according to their needs.

The cost of your Vivint home security package depends on which system you choose. Call and speak to a Vivint security professional to receive a free personalized quote tailored to the package and equipment you choose.

Review each package to learn more about what unique features are included and choose the right option to protect your home.

Starter Package

Vivint’s Starter Package is their most basic security system. It comes with the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Lurker detection
  • The Smart Hub touchscreen control panel
  • Smart security sensors
  • Access to the Vivint app


Premium Package

Vivint’s Premium Package offers all of the same features as the Basic Package but includes additional products. It comes with the following: 

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Lurker detection
  • The Smart Hub touchscreen control panel
  • Smart security sensors
  • Access to the Vivint app
  • Smart security cameras
  • Theft deterrence


Premium Plus Package

Vivint’s Premium Plus Package includes everything in the first two Vivint security packages and then some. It comes with the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Lurker detection
  • The Smart Hub touchscreen control panel
  • Smart security sensors
  • Access to the Vivint app
  • Smart security cameras
  • Theft deterrence
  • Voice control
  • Video clip storage
  • Smart home automation
  • Vehicle protection

Vivint home security prices are highly dependent on your specific package. While each of these security packages offers a starting point, you can also add different security cameras, smart locks, and smart controls, which will add to your overall Vivint security system costs, and include:



  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
  • Vivint Indoor Camera

Security Sensors

  • Vivint Door & Window Sensors
  • Vivint Motion Sensor
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Vivint Water Sensor
  • Vivint Smoke Detector
  • Vivint CO Detector
  • Vivint Emergency Pendant
  • Vivint Garage Door Sensor
  • Vivint Car Guard


  • Vivint Smart Plug
  • Vivint Smart Thermostat


  • Kwikset Smart Lock
  • myQ Smart Garage Hub
  • Vivint Key Fob

Is it really worth the price?

If you want a highly customizable home security system with smart features and add-ons, Vivint security packages are worth the price. One thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not the Vivint home security prices work for you is that they offer flexible financing, so you don’t have to pay for the equipment cost upfront.

Most financing options come with a 42-60 month contract but do bring the overall Vivint home security costs of some packages down to $1 per day. We encourage you to read Vivint reviews and learn more about the benefits of Vivint’s home security systems to decide whether or not the cost is worth it to you.

Whether you choose Vivint’s Basic Package or customize a package with “the works,” all of your security devices will work together to make protecting, controlling, and monitoring your home easy. Additionally, if you aren’t sure which package is right for your home, property, or unique needs, a Vivint professional will help you build the right system for your home and budget.

One feature that justifies the cost of a Vivint system is the 24/7 professional monitoring and support service, which begins at just $19.99 per month. So, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe, no matter what package you choose.

Read Vivint reviews from real customers

Many Vivint customers have positive things to say about the company, including positive experiences with Vivint’s installation professionals and other team members throughout the entire setup process. Others have found Vivint to be quick to respond to issues and provide solutions. However, Vivint isn’t for everyone, which is why we share unbiased Vivint security reviews. While each customer’s situation is unique, reading Vivint reviews about multiple experiences provides a well-rounded understanding of what to expect when choosing Vivint for your home security system. Learn more about the products, services, and experiences you can expect by reading Vivint home security reviews today.


Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

I give five stars to Vivint they go out there way with the products they provide to make sure you feel safe and secured in your home.

Renee Webster

Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

Professional and knowledgeable.
He had experience doing what he did. He didn’t waste time to get the job done.

Mary Schultz

Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

Our experience with Vivint was excellent! The technician was professional, respectful, knowledgeable and…


Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

I give five stars to Vivint they go out there way with the products they provide to make sure you feel safe and secured in your Home

Renee Webster

Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

Professional and knowledgeable.
He had experience doing what he did. He didn’t waste time to get the job done.

Mary Schultz

Collected and provided by Vivint

5 stars

Our experience with Vivint was excellent! The technician was professional, respectful, knowledgeable and provided…

Vivint reviews

One of the best ways to decide if a home security system is right for you is to read what current and past customers say about the products. Read Vivint reviews, and take a look at what our editor has to say, where we highlight the best features and potential setbacks of various home security providers like Vivint security. The right home security system is the one that meets your needs in terms of equipment, monthly monitoring, and price.

Vivint home security offers many services and products to help you protect your home, family, and possessions. From smart outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras and video monitoring, to security sensors and safety alarms that detect and deter danger, Vivint provides complete home security and professional 24/7 monitoring. We share unbiased reviews, as well as product and service recommendations to help you decide on the right security system for your home.

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Popular home security systems

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The SmarterHome team reviews the top home security brands so you can find the best option for you. When we review each system, we evaluate the brand’s product and feature offerings, the cost of packages and package options, and reviews from past and current customers.

We strive to objectively evaluate each brand’s:


Looking at the number and quality of feature options available such as smart home capabilities, professional monitoring, video security, life security, and so on.


Evaluating how the system performs after install, taking into account past and current customer reviews.

Customer Service

Reviewing the company’s options for support and past and current customer experiences with customer service.


Comparing the features and services you get for the price you pay against other similar systems.

It is our goal to provide you with unbiased ratings and reviews based on product offerings and current and past customer reviews.

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$38.99/mo for Pro Install* 

Requires 36-month monitoring contract starting at $38.99/mo. without QSP (24-month monitoring contract in California, total fees from $935.76) and minimum installation amount of $599 for professionally installed systems OR month-to-month monitoring contract for ADT Self Setup systems starting at $24.99 without QSP (one month minimum) and minimum purchase amount of $194.98.    Professional monitoring required for ADT to notify emergency contacts or services on your behalf. Service and installation charges vary depending on system configuration, equipment and services selected. For reactivations of professionally installed systems, a $99 test and inspect fee applies  . Upon early termination by Customer, ADT may charge 75% of the monthly service charges due for the balance of the initial contract term. Quality Service Plan (QSP) is ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty and is available for additional fee. Additional charges may apply in areas that require guard response service for municipal alarm verification. Professionally installed system remains property of ADT. Local permit fees may be required. Prices and offers subject to change and may vary by market. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Satisfactory credit required. A security deposit may be required. Simulated screen images and photos are for illustrative purposes only. For Self-Setup Systems, cancel by calling 888-392-2039 or by following the instructions in your order confirmation email. To avoid contract termination charges, cancellation must occur no later than 30 days after the contract date. Contract termination charges may be applied for cancellation after the initial 30-day period. Equipment must be fully removed and returned before a refund will be processed. Any shipping costs previously paid are non-refundable. Google and Nest Doorbell are trademarks of Google LLC. Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi. Minimum OS requirements are available at iOS is a trademark of Cisco and is used under license. Google Nest products and services featured are designed to make life easier and to build a helpful home and were not designed specifically for life-sustaining or safety-critical use cases. These products and services are compatible with the ADT Self Setup System, and depend upon working internet, Wi-Fi, and, in some cases, the service availability from ADT and/or Google. To learn more, please visit

6 Month Money-Back Guarantee*

Money-back guarantee only applies after ADT has made attempts to resolve a system-related issue and has not been able to resolve that issue within the first six (6) months of your original activation. ADT Money-Back Guarantee is not transferable. Equipment must be returned before a refund will be processed. Conditions preventing normal system operation cannot be caused by the customer. For professionally installed systems only.


Theft Protection Guarantee**

Customer may receive reimbursement of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of Customer’s homeowner’s insurance deductible (if any) if, and only if, ALL requirements for Theft Protection Guarantee are met to ADT’s reasonable satisfaction. Customer must request reimbursement within 60 days of property loss. Request must be mailed to ADT and include: Theft Protection Guarantee certificate signed by Customer, a letter from Customer requesting reimbursement, a copy of the police report, and a copy of the accepted insurance claim. ADT reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with all of the requirements. For professionally installed systems only.