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ADT Security For Your Home

With more ways to keep you safe whether you’re at home or away, an ADT security system offers complete home security with sensors, alarms, indoor and outdoor cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, and smart home automation.

Key features:

Comprehensive security with 24/7 professional monitoring

Theft protection guarantee with up to $500 towards your insurance deductible*

6-month money-back guarantee*

Trusted home security from experts with 140+ years of experience

*Certain restrictions may apply. See terms and conditions here.

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ADT security command bundle

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Pricing & packages overview

ADT offers multiple security systems and products designed to ensure your home, family, and valuable possessions are better protected from intruders and environmental harm. ADT home security costs vary and each system is tailored to your home and offers 24/7 professional monitoring, professional installation, theft protection guarantee, a 6-month money-back guarantee, and services and repairs as needed.

ADT Secure Home Bundle

Secure Home
ADT Smart Home Bundle

Smart Home
ADT Video and Smart Home Bundle

Video & Smart Home (Complete)
Intrusion detection
Fire, CO & flood monitoring
Touchscreen control panel
Voice control
Remote access mobile app
Smart home automation
Video security
Stored video clips
Starting price$45.99/mo$49.99/mo$59.99/mo
DetailsView packagesView packagesView packages

ADT does offer service starting at $28.99/mo for those not looking for cameras or home automation. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please verify pricing with your provider prior to purchase.

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$100 reward card when you sign up for a new ADT system*


*Requires 36-month monitoring contract. Early termination and installation fees apply. New customers only. Full Terms.

ADT home security costs vary depending on the product and service you choose to install in your home. You also have the option to customize your package to include additional products and smart features for greater protection, which may add to your overall ADT security system costs. Here are the ADT home security prices you can expect to pay upfront and on a monthly basis.

*Certain conditions apply. For full details, visit

ADT home security vs. other systems

Each of the ADT security packages provides protection for your home. However, we understand that you might not be sold on choosing ADT for your home security needs. Fortunately, other security brands offer home security products and services as well.

See how ADT stacks up against other brands and compare their offerings to ADT security packages and costs to make an informed decision about the right system for you. Be sure to read our ADT vs. Vivint guide and discover more options for home security below!

Starting priceMonitoring priceInstallation typeDetails
Vivint logo$500+$29.99+/moProfessionalView packages
ADT logoVaries$45.99+/moProfessionalView packages


Editor’s rating

5 stars


Editor’s rating

3 stars


Editor’s rating

4 stars


Editor’s rating

5 stars

ADT home security system overview

ADT security offers comprehensive home security. Their products include wireless home security equipment, indoor and outdoor cameras, life safety features, and smart home automation available in three home security system options.

Our favorite ADT features include:

  • Door and window alarms that alert you and ADT of an attempted break-in
  • A security key fob to make arming and disarming your home easy with the click of a button
  • Motion sensors with trigger lights and cameras to ensure complete protection.

But what really makes ADT stand out among other home security systems is that experienced security professionals monitor your home 24/7. That means you receive the best protection, even while you’re sleeping or away on vacation.

Best suited for families looking for professional, comprehensive security

The ADT home security system is best suited for families looking for a professionally installed security system with a monthly monitoring plan. We recommend ADT if you want comprehensive protection but don’t have the time or knowledge to design your own. ADT security professionals will work with you to create a system that has the right number of sensors and cameras for your home. 

ADT security systems are installed by professionals, regardless of whether you choose hardwired or wireless technology. Additionally, if something needs to be repaired, these same professionals are equipped to service your system.

With nine company-owned monitoring centers and over 20,000 people committed to protecting what you value most, ADT’s hands-on approach is why we recommend ADT systems to those who want comprehensive home security.

ADT home security costs and packages range from basic to sophisticated and high-tech, and you can customize your plan to meet your family’s needs. Additionally, ADT believes in its systems so much, they offer both a theft protection guarantee and a 6-month money-back guarantee. *

*Certain restrictions apply. Full Terms.

Not recommended for a flexible monitoring plan

ADT offers professional installation, monthly monitoring, and a hands-on approach to your home protection. While this does ensure your security system is set up correctly and provides you with peace of mind, we know this type of security might not fit your needs.

ADT offers multiple types of security cameras and monitoring systems. However, most of ADT’s packages are only available with a complete security package that includes both professional installation and monthly monitoring. Because of this, if you’re looking for a DIY home security kit, we don’t recommend most ADT packages for you.

Additionally, ADT’s monthly monitoring is usually tied to a 36-month (3 years) contract. For those living in their “forever” home, this is great. However, suppose you aren’t living in a permanent residence or don’t intend to use a home security system for an extended period of time. In that case, ADT is probably not the system for you. 

Nevertheless, ADT does offer customizable security system packages for renters, which may provide a solution to your home security needs if you need a more flexible monitoring plan. Blue by ADT offers customizable DIY home security kits with sensors, cameras, and a mobile app that can be installed in just 20 minutes.

Reading ADT security reviews will help you gain a better understanding of who benefits most from their services. 

Read ADT reviews from real customers

One of the best ways to decide if a product or service is right for you is to hear from the people actually using it. That’s why we share unbiased ADT reviews from customers just like you. Each customer’s experience is unique and will help you determine whether or not ADT’s home security system will suit your needs. Read all of the ADT home security reviews today to discover more about ADT’s products and services, customer experiences, and real-life solutions to home security. 

Wendy Haughian

Collected and provided by ADT

5 stars

I heard a loud noise at the back of my house. Glass was shattering from the sliding door on the patio. ADT called me right away…

Lynn McNelly

Collected and provided by ADT

5 stars

Within minutes, every carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the house was going off and ADT called me immediately.

Suzanne Hennington

Collected and provided by ADT

5 stars

We have had ADT for at least 18 years. The reps have called when the alarm has gone off. We have been very happy…

Popular home security systems

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The SmarterHome team reviews the top home security brands so you can find the best option for you. When we review each system, we evaluate the brand’s product and feature offerings, the cost of packages and package options, and reviews from past and current customers.

We strive to objectively evaluate each brand’s:


Looking at the number and quality of feature options available such as smart home capabilities, professional monitoring, video security, life security, and so on.


Evaluating how the system performs after install, taking into account past and current customer reviews.

Customer Service

Reviewing the company’s options for support and past and current customer experiences with customer service.


Comparing the features and services you get for the price you pay against other similar systems.

It is our goal to provide you with unbiased ratings and reviews based on product offerings and current and past customer reviews.

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Theft Protection Guarantee:

Customer may receive reimbursement of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of Customer’s homeowner’s insurance deductible (if any) if, and only if, ALL requirements for Theft Protection Guarantee are met to ADT’s reasonable satisfaction. Customer must request reimbursement within 60 days of property loss. Request must be mailed to ADT and include: Theft Protection Guarantee certificate signed by Customer, a letter from Customer requesting reimbursement, a copy of the police report, and a copy of the accepted insurance claim. ADT reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with all of the requirements.


ADT Money-Back Guarantee:

Money-back guarantee only applies after ADT has made attempts to resolve a system-related issue and has not been able to resolve that issue within the first six (6) months of your contract. Equipment must be fully removed before a refund will be processed. Conditions preventing normal system operation cannot be caused by the customer.