7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Smart

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Are you wondering how to smart home your apartment? Adding smart products and systems to your space that can be controlled remotely or operated automatically is an excellent way to make apartment living more comfortable and convenient. Of course, you need products that don’t require rewiring or drilling. That’s where these smart home apartment ideas come in handy.  

How to Make Your Apartment a Smart Home with 7 Products

You may know how smart home features simplify home management and automation, and you want your apartment to have all the features of a smart home. But with your renters’ agreement and space limitations, you may not know where to start or what’s even possible. Here are seven smart home apartment ideas to get you started. 

1. Smart Hub

First off, you’ll need a smart hub or control panel to manage your smart products in one place. It is easier to manage and automate all your smart products when accessible on one system. A smart base station serves as the central command center and ties all your products together.  

While a smart hub is one of the most popular ways to control smart products, other standard control options include mobile app control and voice control. Once you choose a smart home system, you can download their mobile app to control your products remotely or integrate your system with a device like Amazon Echo or Google Home to activate voice control when available. 

2. Wireless Security Cameras

You can turn your apartment into a smart home with indoor security cameras, as well as a doorbell camera that lets you stay connected to your home while you’re away.  

Indoor cameras enable you to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your apartment. For example, you can check in on your kids or pets while you’re away. Some indoor security cameras even have two-way audio, so you can chat with those who are home while you’re out and about.  

A smart video doorbell camera lets you see who is at your door, whether you’re home or away. Many video doorbell cameras also include one-way or two-way audio capabilities so that you can speak to your visitor. Video doorbells can also let you keep an eye on your doorstep, to make sure your packages are safe. 

The best security cameras for apartments are wireless so that you don’t have to drill to install them. Learn more about where to find the best smart video doorbell cameras for renters.  

3. Smart Plugs

A simple way to smart home your apartment without making any permanent changes is to install smart plugs. All you have to do is plug a smart plug into your current outlets. Then, plug in a lamp, fan, space heater, or other small appliance. Now you can turn that appliance on and off while you’re home or away using your smart hub or mobile app. Many smart plugs also allow you to set automatic timers so your lights and appliances turn on at certain times of the day. This is an affordable way to add smart features to your apartment that you can take with you when you move. 

4. Smart Locks

Getting a smart lock for your front door is another way to make your apartment a smart home. A smart lock enables you to lock and unlock your door without your keys, using a key-code and keypad or a mobile app.  

It’s important to note that some apartment complexes don’t allow smart locks that require hardware installation. However, if your apartment building does, then a smart lock is a great way to give people who don’t live with you remote access to your place while you’re not there. 

5. Smart Lighting

For smart lighting that’s easy to install and take with you if you move, opt for smart light bulbs. With an energy-efficient smart LED bulb, you can turn any light fixture in your apartment into a smart light.  

Once you replace your light bulbs with smart light bulbs, you can control your lights from anywhere with your system’s mobile app. If you have an outdoor patio or front porch, switch out those light bulbs too for indoor and outdoor smart lighting throughout your apartment.  

6. Smart Thermostat

The best smart home apartment ideas aren’t just convenient but save you money. For example, with a smart thermostat, you can adjust your heat and air while you’re away. Going to be out longer than expected? Adjust the temperature in your home, so you aren’t wasting money warming or cooling your furniture.  

Again, this is a smart home idea that you may need to check with your landlord before installing as some apartment complexes and rental properties will not allow you to install a new climate control system. 

7. Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo and Alexa Devices and Google Nest Smart Speakers enable you to make your apartment even smarter with voice control. With smart speakers, you can manage your products with your voice, whether to switch your lights on and off while your hands are full or turn up the heat on your smart thermostat before you get out of bed in the morning. 

The Best Smart Home Systems for Apartments

So, now you know how to make your apartment a smart home with a smart hub, smart accessories, and smart speakers. Next, it’s time to choose the best company for your security cameras and smart products. Learn more about the best smart home security systems for renters today! 

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