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How to Protect Your Home From a Home Invasion

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If you’re worried about how to protect your home and possessions, or nervous about the chance of a home invasion in your community, you’re not alone. Experts estimate that 2.5 million burglaries happen in America every year – that’s one every 30 seconds, which is astounding if you think about it that way!

How do you make sure that your home and everything in it is protected? These useful suggestions can help lower the chances of your property being burglarized.

Create the Right Curb Impression

One of the first steps to protect yourself from burglaries and home invasions is to put the right privacy protections in place. Take a step back to the curb and look at your property through a robber’s eyes. What can you do to make your habits and your interior more opaque to others?

This often starts with investing in the right blinds and curtains or having other surfaces like frosted glass that don’t show off what’s happening inside your home.

Make your house look like people live there! Keep in mind that thieves are often looking for signs of absence, such as extended periods of time with no sound or light emanating from a building. There are security devices such as smart plugs and smart lights that allow you to program your lights to come on at a particular time every day, so your house looks lived-in even when you are away.

Trim the Shrubs

It’s a common story – as property owners let landscaping go, the trees and shrubs around a home start to envelop it in a sort of thicket that’s hard to see through.

You might think of this as a privacy measure or a “protective hedge,” but on the other side of the coin, intruders can use this camouflage to get closer to your home. It’s better to have a neat and open exterior so that you or neighbors or anyone else can spot someone approaching.

Invest in a Home Security System

A home security system will equip you with the best technology for protecting your home, backed up by some of the best research around. These systems will often include alarms, cameras, flood lights, and strong perimeter security to alert you if anything happens at your home. They also usually involve some form of property monitoring, either 24/7 professional monitoring with emergency dispatch or self-monitoring with live and recorded video feeds.

You can also get lights or cameras that function on a sensor which can give you more control over what goes on your property and provide you with an alert if something suspicious is happening.

There are many options for home security systems – from professionally installed and monitored complete systems to individual cameras that you monitor yourself from an app. Find the best home security system for you, your home, and your budget. Having something is better than having nothing when it comes to home security.

Know Your Neighbors

In some ways, the traditional approach of surrounding yourself with people is among the best ideas for how to protect your home from intruders.

When you know your neighbors, you’re more likely to have people watching your property for any suspicious activity. Return the favor, and you’re benefiting from a stronger community, as well as lowering your chances of being a burglary or home invasion victim.

Consider Smart Locks

In many cases, people neglect building security because they want to have a way in themselves. This leads to people hiding house keys in obvious places such as under the doormat or leaving the door unlocked.

A smart lock provides foolproof security protection, while also making sure that people who you want to enter can get in. Instead of messing with physical keys, you have a code, which you can easily send to anyone who legitimately needs it.

Strengthen Windows

This gets back to that ‘curb idea’ – the concept of analyzing your property from a criminal’s point of view. In the technology world, they call it ‘penetration testing’ – the idea that you should act like someone is trying to attack you, to figure out where your vulnerabilities are. In many cases, a vulnerability is a small glass pane that can easily be broken or traditional windows that are weak and may not lock correctly.

Your property is only as secure as the weakest link!

With all of these safety and security tips in hand, you’re more than capable of creating broader protection for your home and everything inside it.

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