ADT vs Ring

When comparing ADT security vs Ring security, it’s important to understand that both companies aim to provide home security solutions but do so in two very different ways. ADT takes a comprehensive approach to home security, providing a professionally installed and monitored security system backed by years of experience and high-quality customer support. Ring sells security products and packages to satisfy home security DIYers on a budget.  

Additionally, all ADT systems require professional monthly monitoring, whereas Ring customers can choose whether or not to add a monthly service plan to their security system. Because of this, there is a significant difference in ADT vs Ring equipment, installation, and monthly monitoring costs. 

Starting priceMonitoring priceInstallation typeDetails
ADT logoVaries$45.99+/moProfessionalView packages
Ring logo$199+Optional self-monitoringDIYView packages

Pricing comparison

ADT vs Ring pricing varies greatly because ADT offers customizable home security service levels, whereas Ring offers individually-sold products and customizable packages. The cost you’ll pay for a Ring alarm system vs an ADT system is determined by the products and services you select. 


Ring Alarm System vs ADT Security Equipment 

ADT offers three primary home security service levels:

  • Secure Home – digital touchscreen control panel, 24/7 monitoring, and professional installation
  • Smart Home – 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, remote access via the ADT mobile app, smart door lock, and smart plug
  • Video & Smart Home (Complete) – 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, remote access via the ADT mobile app, smart door lock, smart plug, outdoor HD camera, video doorbell, and stored video clips


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Ring, on the other hand, offers individual security products, as well as alarm security systems that come in five, eight, ten, and fourteen-piece sets. The prices vary depending on which package you choose and any additional products you add to your system. 

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When it comes to ADT vs Ring pricing, Ring is less expensive and offers more granular options for customization than ADT.  


ADT Security vs Ring Monthly Monitoring 

ADT requires professional monitoring, and the cost of an ADT monthly monitoring plan depends on which security system you purchase.

As a DIY home security solution, Ring does not require customers to purchase monthly monitoring. However, for those interested in extra protection, Ring offers three plans. The starting plan offers self-monitoring at a minimal monthly price.

When comparing the cost of ADT security vs Ring monthly monitoring plans, Ring is less expensive overall. However, it’s important to note that only one Ring monitoring plan – the Protect Pro plan – offers professional monitoring; the rest only offer video recording and storage. Therefore, if professional monitoring is important to you, you will get more value from an ADT system.  

Starting priceMonitoring priceDetails
ADT logoVaries$45.99+/moView packages
Ring logo$199+$3.00/moView packages

Installation options and cost

The installation of ADT vs Ring is quite different. ADT requires professional installation for all its primary security systems (with the exception of ADT Blue for renters). Your price for professional installation will depend on the home security system you choose and the layout and location of your home. 

Ring, on the other hand, does not offer professional installation with Ring Alarm Systems. Instead, all systems come with step-by-step instructions for customers to install and activate their systems themselves. The only exception is when purchasing products from Ring’s premium X Line, which includes professional installation. Because of this, Ring is less expensive than ADT in terms of installation but will not work for those who want a professionally installed system.  

Installation typeInstallation cost
ADT logoProfessionalVaries
Ring logoDIYN/A

Monitoring options

Monitoring options for ADT vs Ring vary in cost, features, and contract requirements. 

ADT Monthly Monitoring 

ADT monthly monitoring includes intrusion detection, voice control ability, fire, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring, and 24/7 system monitoring. Starting rates include traditional burglary services and increase in price for more comprehensive protection, including video surveillance and home automation services. The cost of a monthly monitoring service depends on which ADT products you use and is typically tied to a 36-month contract. 


Ring Monthly Monitoring 

Ring monthly monitoring is not required but offered to customers who are interested in professional protection. To receive 24/7 monthly monitoring through Ring, customers must purchase the Ring Protect Pro plan, which includes video recording, 24/7 monitoring, and online security features. None of Ring’s monthly plans are tied to a contract.

ADT security vs Ring monthly monitoring plans vary significantly in terms of services and costs. Although Ring’s monthly services cost less, you receive 24/7 professional monitoring with every ADT plan, regardless of the price, and ADT provides many more services in its base monitoring plans. 

Customer support

ADT customer support is available 24/7 to customers with an existing ADT monthly monitoring plan. Additionally, ADT offers an online Help Center where customers can find answers to commonly asked questions regarding their account, billing, security system, and more. 

Ring offers multiple types of customer support, including 24/7 phone support, chat support available 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM (MST), Neighbors, a free, app-based 24/7 neighborhood watch feature that alerts customers to crime and safety events within five miles of their home, and an online Help Center. 

ADT reviews mention some issues with their customer support team, including long call wait times and poor experiences getting issues resolved in a timely and friendly manner. However, positive reviews mention the benefits of ADT’s guarantees and warranties. 

Ring also receives many negative customer support reviews, primarily around the support team not informing customers of out-of-stock products before purchase and being unable and unwilling to provide solutions. When comparing ADT security and Ring security’s customer service, both struggle to appease a majority of their customers. 

Ratings and reviews

ADT and Ring are two very different security companies that aim for the same result: to protect what you value most at home with reliable security products. However, they have a different way of doing so, resulting in varying costs and services. 

The cost for a Ring alarm system vs ADT security system varies greatly. Overall, ADT’s equipment, professional installation, and monthly monitoring plans cost more than Ring because Ring is a DIY solution and does not offer professional installation or require a monthly plan. However, while Ring’s monthly services cost less and don’t require a contract, they also offer less in terms of features and services. ADT does require customers to enter into a contract, but professional monitoring is included in all ADT monthly monitoring plans.  

Lastly, ADT security vs Ring security’s customer service ratings are comparable with a fair mix of positive and negative customer service interactions noted. Even still, everyone’s experience is unique, and both companies strive to be available to customers 24/7 to resolve issues promptly.  

Our recommendation: ADT or Ring?

We recommend ADT to families who want a comprehensive security system designed, installed, and monitored by professionals. ADT is also good for families in their “forever home” looking for a long-term solution to overall security, including life safety and smart home features. 

We recommend Ring to families or individuals on a budget who want a DIY home security system to protect against basic threats and need flexible monitoring plans.  

Theft Protection Guarantee:

Customer may receive reimbursement of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of Customer’s homeowner’s insurance deductible (if any) if, and only if, ALL requirements for Theft Protection Guarantee are met to ADT’s reasonable satisfaction. Customer must request reimbursement within 60 days of property loss. Request must be mailed to ADT and include: Theft Protection Guarantee certificate signed by Customer, a letter from Customer requesting reimbursement, a copy of the police report, and a copy of the accepted insurance claim. ADT reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with all of the requirements.


ADT Money-Back Guarantee:

Money-back guarantee only applies after ADT has made attempts to resolve a system-related issue and has not been able to resolve that issue within the first six (6) months of your contract. Equipment must be fully removed before a refund will be processed. Conditions preventing normal system operation cannot be caused by the customer.